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Norwegian Flights | Seadream Cruises | Around The World Tickets

Travel Deals

Looking for the best deal or want something really special?

Cruise the Caribbean on a small cruise ship all inclusive, visit some tiny islands, get another glass of whiskey enjoying the sunset disappearing in the Ocean.




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Down Under Affordable?

Lately the competiotion for flights to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands has increased, resulting in some great deals. The Australian dollar (AUD$) is relatively significant lower to the dolar compared to several years ago. Currently $0.75 = AUD$1 compared to $1.06 = AUD$1 in 2013, which gives you more for you buck.

LAX - AKL flight are available this summer (winter in New Zealand) under $1100 and LAX-SYD flights are available under $900 even non-stop.



World Best Airlines

Best Economy Plus Airlines, Read Now


Skiing in Africa?

Visiting South Africa is in the planning this June, first thing comes to mind is to do a safari, but you can ski too? Skiing in Lesotho, South Africa.


Lax - Zurich - Singapore $680

Interested in a more adventurous trip. Swiss Air including Luggage, nice food and drinks. Los Angeles direct to Zurich, stopover there possible for few days, direct flight Zurcih - Singapore.



Shark Adventure:

Isla de Guadalup, Mexico

Leave from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico and from there take a trip to interact (in a cage) with white sharks. One of the top places in the world.


Belize, Beach & Snorkeling

A trip to Belize has become more affordable the last few years. Both American Airlines, United and Delta offer flight under $400 from many US cities, on a regular base.

Note: there is not much (good) happening in Belize City, so you might want to ad a flight or two with a tiny plane to get the the islands, prices from $110 one way.


Traveling with Kids!

Valle De Guadelupe, Mexico

1 1/2 hour south of the border near San Diego, starts the wine country of Baja California Sur. Just 20 minutes from Ensenada are wonderful restaurants and wine tastings at mostly sustainable farms and wineries.
Read more: Valle De Guadelupe.

Calgary, Canada

Want some action with the kids, this park seems great in the summer. The Skyline Luge Calgary located at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park.

I decided you fly one way with my four year old to Calgary from San Diego. The flight is approx. 3 hours with Westjet.

Westjet offers direct flights form San Diego (SAN) to Calgary (YYC).

Jamacian bobsled from the 1988 OlympicsWhile waiting for the plane nobody mentioned that in-flight entertainment includes streaming from the Westjet app. Which resulted in the mayority of people being in the plane trying to figure out how to connect their phone or Ipad to the Westjet movies without success, as no Internet was available on board which meant it was not possible to download the app. Interestingly nobody thought about this, so no entertainment for 3 hours.

From YYC, Calgary's International airport, it is a 30 minute drive (bus takes almost an hour) to downtown or to the Winsport (Olympic Luge Areawest of Calgary).

There are two hotels directly across the street from the Canada Olympic Park. The Olympic park provides services to professional athletes and recreational (tourist etc). In the winter it seems a great training hill (think: goign there with the kids for 1/2 days).

Calgary Tower

In the summer there is a great sky luge (1.1 mile in length) which is fun for adults and kids. There is also a zip line and mini golf and a (interactive) museum.

Also view the Jamacian bobsled from the 1988 Olympics.



Canada Olympic Park Address:
88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5R5, Canada

One Way flight from San Diego ato Calgary are starting at just $122 Nonstop

Tickets San Diego - Calgary, Canada


Around the World Tickets Under $1000?

Traveling around the world 25 years ago at the lowest price possible, I personally know that an ATW (Around The World) tickets under $1000 means clowning around (using miles, freebies etc.)

25 years ago I saved a buck or two with using Iraqi Airways from Amsterdam flying to Bangkok one-way, I made a 3 days stop in Baghdad, saw Babylon, and moved on.

Nowadays both low cost airlines and 5 star airlines offer great deals - when you are flexible- AND - when you do your homework.

Can you fly LAX - BKK - OSLO - LAX under $1000: YES

Sounds ridiculous?

Yes, but it is not even $1000, just USD $827, see below, the best round-the-world flights ever, enjoy it while you can.

Lax (Los Angeles) - Via TPE (Taipei) - BKK (Bangkok) USD $449

Amazing price even in August, and Eva Air is even a "really a step up" airline. A no-brainer. For a few dollar more there is a connection with just 3 hours lay-over.

BKK Bangkok - OSL Oslo at just USD $209
That is ridiculous , but I love it, expect even a brand new 787 Dreamlines airplane, non-stop flight! Norwegian is voted on of the top low cost airlines in the world.

(Note: do not take a cab on Oslo airport to downtown as it might be more expensive than the 12 hour flight!)

Seadream Cruises

Visit "famous" islands like St Barths, Anguilla and Antigua but also the more exclusive places (as the Seadream is not a huge ship and can anchor close th smaller ports/ islands): Jost van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Culebra.

The "yacht styler" cruises with the Seadream I and Seadream II are an all inclusive experience.


  • All food/ drinks
  • Tips
  • Toys for the sea, Kayak etc.
  • Snorkel gear for use on the islands


World Best Airlines

Ski Jackson Hole

Visiting Mesa Ruins, Cliff Dwelling in Colorado close to New Mexico.


Seadream Cruise | Ski California