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Great Deals on Brand Name Fashion GENE MEYER NEW YORK

Gene Meyer Sale

Shop for the latest Gene Meyer socks, bow ties, and silk ties at 40% - 75% off retail.

Gene Meyer Socks






Sartorial Experience: Finamore Napoli, Sevefnold ties hand made in Napoli, Italy.

Gene Meyer Bow Ties

Gene Meyer Bow Ties
Gene Meyer Bow Tie
Jacquard Silk, Made In Italy

Gene Meyer Bow Tie

Get The Look!

Etro Sport Coat, Luigi Borrelli Tie
Kiton Dress Shirt, Kiton Pochette

All made in Italy.



  Gene Meyer Wallets
Colorful Silk/ Leathe Women Wallets

New: Gene Meyer Ties - Colorful Men Ties - Made in Italy - NEW

  Gene Meyer New York



Kenzo Ties

Colorful designer ties. hand made in Italy

Kenzo Neckties
Gene Meyer Ties

Got Socks?

A decade ago it was almost impossible to find a cool pair of colorful men socks. Things have changed. The last couple of years several designers and new brands have popped up with colorful designs for the man with some guts. Brands like Happy Socks, Paul Smith and Gene Meyer have been succesful with very adventerous designs.

Gene Meyer socks were hard to find for the last 3 years however, but Gene Meyer came out with a new range of cool socks.

Silk Women Scarves

The really popular Salvatore Ferragamo scarves arrived: silk square scarves (36x36"). Salvatore Ferragamo foulards are made in Italy. Get a real Ferragamo scarf at 30%- 60% off retail at the discount designer outlet:

Salvatore Ferragamo Scarf

Salvatore Ferragamo scarves Scarf

The Pants

Kiton Pants
Genuine Kiton napoli 5 pocket light fabric pants available in several colors, including yellow as shown. Kiton pants retail at $895 - $995 SALE $245.

The Suit

Kiton men suit for this summer! Kiton suits are hand made in Italy, Retail $8495 SALE $2900


The Shirt

Kiton men shirt for this summer! Kiton shirts are hand made in Italy,
Retail $895
SALE $395

The Bow Tie

Gucci bow tie, satin silk black bow tie.
Retail $16895 SALE $120


Porsche Cayenne Accesories

Porsche Online


Discount Designer Clothes

Women Designer Scarves
Famous Italian Designer, include Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Emilio Pucci and Versace.

Men Designer Neckties
Brand Name Designer Ties, Brands include Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Verace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Sartorial Quality Brands like Battisti, Borrelli and Kiton.

Read Fashion Blogs for up-to-date SALES and New arrivals of designer clothes online:
discount designer ties blogspot

Meccaniche Veloci - Quattro Valvole

Meccaniche Veloci - Quattro Valvole WatchA(nother) Watch?

It seems that smaller watch brands form Italy, France and Switserland keep popping up online. Especially with the daily deal web sites like Gilt and for smaller brands it is a great outlet to sell a a discount price on these web sites and get significant exposure.

Meccaniche Veloci - Quattro Valvole is a magnificent watch.



Find the Best Deals Online!

Canali Dress Shirts for Men

Nordstrom $270 | Tiedeals SALE $139 Canali Shirts

Designer Socks for Men : Punto

Neiman Marcus $28 | Tiedeals SALE $16 Punto Socks

Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale

Ebay Shopping a Good Deal?

It seems to be very likely to get a good deal on whatever new or used on Ebay or Amazon. Both market places have been around for 10+ years. Nowadays there are lots of stores on both platforms. Ebay has sellers with 100+ reviews and years of experience. Make sure you only buy from stores with very high reveiws and at least 1 years of Ebay sales to prevent getting trapped with bad quality experience of short-term quick-and-dirty sales persons. Ebay and Amazon take roughly 10%-15% from the sellers. Another tip is to only buy products you know and are exactly the same with no special features.

For example, is the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt an XL US size or a EURO XL size? Is the silk necktie for this season or from 2006? I personally sell last years collection neckties at 60% on Ebay: Designer Ties Ebay


Duchamp Ties

Men in the nordic european countries tend to wear more bold and colorful ties than the more conservative Italian men. One of the top brands making colorful silk ties is Duchamp. Think: bold paisleys, brocade florals in purple and pink, aand lorts of original designs. Duchamp London is a famous English brand that specializes in top quality jacquard silk discount neckties, men dress shirts, socks and cufflinks. All ties are hand amde in Italy or England, made of the finest silks.

The new collection Duchamp Ties has been added at at 35% - 55% off retail.

silk ties


Dutch Design Chair: Made of Carton


Bookman Bike Lights

Bookman is a Swedish company which designed a cool and functional light for your bike.

Shipping charges are very reasonable (as the lights weigh barelu anything).

Flat rate shipping charges, international = US $ 3.20

Daily Deals

Are the 50-60% deals on the 100+ daily deals web sites really such a deal. Yes and no. In 80% of the cases, there are similar deals available directly through the restaurant, hotel or store. In many cases restaurants have similar coupons in other magazines or advertising spaces. Online furniture seems to float on a dozen web sites with similar deals, so what is the real retail price?

Neckties new deals:

Online Designer Ties



Furniture, Decorating, Antiques
sign up needed

One Park Lane
Furniture, Pillows, Wall Decorating, Antiques

Joss and Main
Furniture, Pillows, Wall Decorating, Antiques

Bloom Spot
Joga, Dinner, Massage, Higher end deals



Is One Park Lane really such a deal?

One Park Lane is a "similar-to-Groupon" daily deal web site, where deals last for a few days, offering mainly furniture and interior design items.

It seems when browsing the web that the "retail prices" mentioned on One Park Lane are not really accurate. They make you believe you get a deal, but generally it is not: misleading.

Example: May 23, 2012

One Park Lane  Pouf
One Park Lane mentions:
Retail $425 NOW $169


The Same Pouf:

this same pouf is for sale (no special deal/ sign up for email newsl;etter needed:

at $219 - $248 - Nobody sells this pouf at $425 ( as suggested by One Park Lane)

Conclusion: Misleading, note: there are dozens of examples similar to this.


Great Gifts

Gucci Necktie

Get a genuine Gucci necktie 35% of retail, great styles, classic GG design, stripes and solids. Comes with free gift box.

Gucci Tie Gucci Tie
$180 NOW $125

More styles added. Authentic classic designs, the gift which makes dad happy. Imported from Italy, jacquard silk, free gift boxes.

Tateossian Cuff Links

Does your man like to wear shirts with french cuffs? Why not get these blue puzzle swarovski
Tateossian cuff links at 40% off.

Tateossian Cuff Links Tateossian Cuffs
$165 SALE $97

Tateossian is one of the most prestigious manucaturers of cufflinks in the world. Tateossian also prodcues cufflinks for othe big designers like Ermenegildo Zegna. Both sterling silver and enamle cufflinks available.

Kenzo Scarf

Lots of colorful styles available. Genuine Kenzo scarves for women with colorful floral prints and signature prints.

Kenzo Scarf Kenzo Scarf
$330 SALE $99.97

Lots of new styles added, even Louis Viuitton scarves in cashmere, silk square Cartier scarf, Gucci stolas and scarves.

Women Designer Scarves SALE

Women Designer Scarf BLOG Men Designer Shirts
View list of sartorial quality hand made men dress shirts.

Missoni for Target

September 13, 2011: Finally it was there the day the "one-time" Missoni for Target" colleciton launched at Target. Visiting the Target in San Diego at 9 am meant seeing 95% of all Missoni dresses, bags, towels and home ware sold out.

Ladies with full shoppingcart with a dozen+ Missoni items finally heading out of the store.

The Target web site was almost instantely down in the morning. At 3pm the web site was still down.

September 14, 2011

The web site is up at However trying to buy Missoni merchandise does not seem amazingly easy. I am forced to shop "by scene", and view the intro...

Anyway some lovely "Missoni" stuff made in China at reasonable prices....

Get the real deal : Missoni Collection
Missoni Scarves or Missoni Ties Online


Read this blog for latest updates for 50-70% of Valentino, Emilio Pucci, Versace and Roberto Cavalli scarves

Get ready for Christmas/ Gala Event, Online Shopping:

Bow Ties : Designer Bow Ties

Men Shirts: Designer Dress Shirts


Overpaying for Internet Companies?


A few years ago, Rupert Murdoch was heralded as an Internet genius.

Why? Because unlike most of his digital-dunce mogul brethren, he somehow managed to buy MySpace for only $580 million!

"Valued at 10 Billion on it's short peak (say 2007), sold in June 2011 for $35 million.

Like MySpace, Lycos, Infoseek, and Excite were bought near the peak of their parabolic life-trajectories for absolutely fabulous sums by companies that should have known better:

  • Infoseek went to Disney for $1+ billion
  • Excite went to @Home for $8 billion
  • Lycos went to Terra for, gulp, $13 billion!

How much are Lycos, Infoseek and Excite worth now?

Next to nothing.


Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale

van bommel shoes online

van bommel shoes usa

van bommel shoes online shopping



Exclusive Fashion
Dallas, TX
Women and men fashion:
Viktor & Rolf, Loewe, Alexander McQueen, Dries van Noten, Thom Browne, Lanvin etc..
Winnetka, IL
Loewe, Yves Saint Laurent, Leonard Paris, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta etc.

Zegna Outlet Store

Gucci Outlet Store

van bommel shoes online

van bommel shoes usa

van bommel shoes online shopping

Van Bommel Schoenen

Quality dutch shoes:
Van Bommel, Floris Van Bommel and Noble Blue Collections
Van Bommel, Floris Van Bommel
Van Bommel, Floris Van Bommel , Santoni, Church's
Van Bommel, Floris Van Bommel and Noble Blue Collections, Free belt with purchase at normal price.

Other interesting brands for men. Men shoes made in Italy:
Santoni Shoes
Fratelli Rossetti Shoes
Dibianco Shoes


van bommel shoes online

van bommel shoes usa

van bommel shoes online shopping

San Diego Shopping

Discount Appliances

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