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Restaurant, Cafe and Bistros






Cafes/ Coffee Bars in San Diego:

Visiting San diego cafes on a daily base, the summary is, most cafes are ok, but nothing exciting.


Kettle & Stone

The Kettle & Stone cafe is located on W Lewis St near Stephens St, a block away from Fort Stockton Dr. The cafe is lively at 8am in the morning (the neigborhood comes out for their coffee). This cafe seems to attract a 40 - 70 year audience. Many cafes in San Diego are packed with 20-30 year olds working remotely with a cup of coffee/ thea).

Good Cappuccino, nice bacon/ cheddar croissant.


Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

On the corner on Juniper and Kettner in Little Italy is located: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. The space has an industrial look, very clear wheel chair accesible ramp in front of it! Expect pour overs and nitro coffes, limited bagels and other biters.

Bird Rock Coffee Roaster is across form the Crack Shack. Good coffee.


James Coffee Company

The James Coffee Company is located between Juniper St and Kalamia St, the coffee is in the back, as there are some original "pop-up" stores when you walk in. Good cappucino.



Heartwork Cafe

Mission Hills

Half block in (South) from University Avenue. Nice capuccino, beans from Dark Horse, slight hipster feel, woodstock tunes, minimalistic design. Summary, good coffee, descent seats/ tables. Parking is paid.


Going back to places like Monica's at Park (Park/ Adams Av.) which went from cute/ popular to run down, currently two owners further (2017) Meraki Cafe is in there. Most people seem to like it.

Meraki Cafe

Descent coffee, breakfast and lunch sandwiches with Mediterranean twist. Simple/ pretty nice decor, back patio seating. The dozen of flies on the window next to my breakfast was a negative (get your basics done, clean your place and run a better fan which will keep flies away). Meraki Cafe: Nothing too exciting, but parking is pretty easy which helps.