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Baby Clothes, Food, Strollers and Tools

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Kids Clothing Brands from the Netherlands:




Best Baby Crib

Stokke Sleepi Convertible Crib System

After 2.5 years the Stokke baby crib looks still like new. The crib easily transforms:

Adjust the height of the matress when the baby gets older

Take out one rectangular piece and it becomes a toddler bed.

Some people think the mattress is too firm. I assume that Stokke, manufactering these beds etc since 1934 have tought about it. You need a fairly firm matress for the baby as you do not want the baby get stuck in dip.

The Stokke Sleepi Convertible Crib System sells for $999 in the USA.

Information for Babies

Swaddle a baby:

Swaddling a baby can be helpfull for a 0-2 month old to feel more comfortable.
How and When to Swaddle
Swadling Your Baby

Once they are one or two months-old, many babies don't need the extra warmth or security they were getting from swaddling anymore.
Studies have shown that swaddling doesn't help infants with excessive crying once they are two months-old anyway.


Buying Baby Food

Costco sells the "squeezees", with apple and apple blends, made in France at a fraction of other brands. has a significant presence in the diapers and food delivery for babies. The pricing is reasonable and shipping is free. However you would think shipping (above $49) directly from a warehouse instead of a store would get prices even lower.

October, 2011 -
Earth's Best Milk Based Formula
Organic Infant Formula Dairy w/DHA - 23.2 oz

October, 2011 -
Earth's Best Milk Based Formula
Organic Infant Formula Dairy w/DHA - 25.75 oz.

Interesting, the first test I do and I see that sells smaller cans!!!!




European Kids Clothing Brands:

  • Oilily
  • Lief!
  • Noppies
  • Blafre
  • Duns
  • Ubang

  • Oilily Baby Clothes
  • Lief! Baby Clothes
  • Noppies Baby Clothes
  • Blafre Baby Clothes
  • Duns Baby Clothes
  • Ubang Baby Clothes